Need Furniture?

Need Furniture?

Referring Clients

Community Warehouse Project of Chester County provides free furniture to people in need due to poverty or other severe life challenges. If you are a case manager, social worker, or sponsor, read below for more information. Our goal is for all Chester County families to live in furnished homes and we want your clients to have the opportunity to select the furniture they need so we can then deliver these items to their home.
Referring agencies are vital partners who help the Community Warehouse Project turn empty houses into homes. Agency case managers assist by:
  • Qualifying and sponsoring a client
  • Completing the paperwork
  • Arranging pickup or delivery of furniture to client
The case manager must accompany his or her clients to the Warehouse for their furniture selection appointment and guide them in selecting the pieces of furniture needed most for their home and family.

Request Furniture

Complete and submit the Request Furniture form below to get a Selection Appointment. Someone will contact you with appointment dates.Case managers must bring completed documents Schedule B and Schedule C to the selection appointment.For a printable version of this form, click here.

Reminder: Schedule B and Schedule C must be completed and submitted at the time of submitting a request form.

Case Information
Furniture Needs

Designate the number of each of the pieces of furniture that the client needs.

Living Room
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